Can't access dumb ap?

Hi, I just upgraded openwrt to the latest version. I've got a dumb ap connected with cable. I thought it was setup with but whatever I do I can't reach it. Doesn't show up in summary in openwrt either. Dhcp server starts on .100 as standard, could it be moved to something in .100-150?
I'm trying to reach it from my web browser, don't think firewall should stop me from doing that (it inside my lan so why should it..)
Any tips?
I'm currently connected to my dumb ap with wifi so it's working fine - I just can't connect..

Check the DHCP leases and the ARP table on the main router.

If it has a static IP outside the main router's LAN, you can see that with wireshark on the Ethernet. There will be ARP requests from the AP trying to get to its gateway.

You could disconnect the AP from your network and run it in failsafe mode to examine the configuration.

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Thanks, I got to it now. It's on Found it with arp command. :slight_smile:
Is it strange that it don't show up in overview? Or is it correct? Is it because the dhcp server didn't have anything to do with the assignment?

Which overview do you mean ?

Luci overview, status -> overview

Are you talking about your main router ?

Ah yes, I can't see the dumb ap being connected from the overview..

In the dhcp leases you do not see it, as it has a static ip, and as it is connected by cable you do not see it as wireless station.

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