Cant access Active Directory after installing new Router with OpenWRT

My home office OpenWRT works great but decided to upgrade a customers old Netgear R7000 with DDWRT.

Installed fresh copy of OpenWRT on a new WRT3200ACM router setup the routing for

Popped it on the network and all the systems cannot access the Windows Active Directory. No RD Gateway etc.

One of the errors is "The system cannot contact a domain controller to service the authentication request. Please try again later"

I can ping and access the Windows Server IP address but none of the workstations can access the Active Domain or the RD Gateway.

Is there a setting i am missing?

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You don't provide enough information to help you. For example:

Are you saying that the AD/DC is sitting on another network?

Is the OpenWrt or the Windows server doing your DHCP (you never say)?

Assuming you're using the OpenWrt as a LAN router, DHCP server, etc.-

  • Did you configure you DHCP on the OpenWrt to issue the Domain Controller's IP as it's DNS server?
  • Provide more details on the RD Gateway
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Thank you for your help.

The AD / DC is on the same network.

Router is
Windows Server with AC/DC is

The router is supposed to be the DHCP since the Windows Server does not have DHCP server running on it.

And yes OpenWRT is our main LAN router.

I setup the OpenWRT to provide DHCP ip addresses and it worked BUT i did not setup it to issue the Domain Controllers IPs. How do I do that?

Thank you again

config dhcp 'lan'                                    
        list dhcp_option '6,' 

DHCP Option No. 6 assigns alternate DNS servers. This should make the Windows DC your DNS server.