Cannot use SSH key from WAN

  • I made a SSH key
  • I disabled password for login
  • It works on LAN
  • Works on all other interfaces I can test

I get this from WAN:

Sat Nov 14 23:57:54 2020 dropbear[2683]: Child connection from
Sat Nov 14 23:57:55 2020 dropbear[2683]: Exit before auth from <>: Exited normally

:confused: :question:

uci export dropbear ?

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package dropbear

config dropbear
        option PasswordAuth 'on'
        option Port '22'
        option RootPasswordAuth 'off'
        option GatewayPorts 'on'
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Your config is working fine on my router.
Check if the client has the correct key, if it's sending the correct user.


So after a lot of seems it's the app...

  • I used another device from!
  • I edited the working entry to use the WAN worked! :smile:
  • I deleted both entries and set them up again...neither worked! :frowning_face:

So...anyone know a good SSH client for Android? :laughing:

Also, web searching:

I personally get this error:

The server hostkey was not accepted by the verifier callback.
Unknown key type rsa-sha2-256

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I'm currently using JuiceSSH, and it works with OpenWrt.


So, you use the paid version, correct?
It seems that importing keys is a US $4.99 feature... :laughing:

Interesting... :thinking:

(I'm trying to remember why I switched from JuiceSSH to connectbot in the past...)

No, i haven't paid a dime, and I use my keys to connect (password logins are disabled on WAN)...


I use Admin Hands.
ssh and sftp amongst others. Works well and is free with a limited number of defined hosts. Unlimited hosts on the paid version, never needed it though, I just delete the least used to add a new one if needed.

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Thanks, I love the look...seem moving apps closes all sessions...then I do I do SSH Tunnels... :thinking:

Aaah! I misread the columns on the "Learn more about pro features" button...I'll check it out...

Oh...I do read that SSH Tunnels is paid tho...oh well! :smile:

I also have some entries that appear to work. Hopefully they fix this SHA2-256 thing with an update to connectbot.

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