Cannot upload OpenWrt bin file to WD My Net WiFi Range Extender

It's an very old WiFi range extender, and I just download the bin file and upload it via the original FW web interface. But got an error of unsupported file.

I did find it should be supported from the screenshot below.

First of all, your device is below minimum system requirements - 32 MB RAM is not sufficient.

Apart from that, the referenced URL seems to be an initramfs image, which generally is not used for the initial installation (you need a factory image for that).

Download the factory image for your WD for 18.06 from here;

That should install ok, you can then try upgrading to 19.07. Running v21 on a 4/32 device is not supported.

I will try it. Thanks is adv!

This one, right?

Yes, that’s it

I have loaded OpenWRT to the wifi extender successfully, but I got confused by the config instructions:On the LAN Interface, change the default IP to a different one within the target subnet and disable the DHCP server.

What's the target subnet in my scenario? The OpenWRT wifi extender lan ip address is by default. My modem network is and wifi router network is

I suppose to change the lan ip addr of the wifi extender to (no conflicts with others), right?

If so, I just cannot connect it via ethernet (also change the cable network of the PC to Strange...

Can you provide more details of what you are trying to do? Preferably with a diagram?

This is what I want to do, to extend the wifi network to another room. I suppose I should config it to the same subnet as the WiFi router, right?

After some work, I can successfully utilize the extender to access the internet. Here're the configs of the lan, wwan and wireless. Got some questions:

  1. Why there's an unsupported protocol type error in the interface page?
  2. There's ethenet port in this extender. Is it the lan port I have configed to If so, why I cannot ping it after I config my laptop to by directly connneting it via a cable?


I cannot upload multiple pics in one reply :frowning:

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