Cannot update wpad-basic

I have an update for package wpad-basic but it will not install due to conflicts with hostapd *, could anyone guide me, I have a wrt3200acm. Attached the photos of the update and response from install/upgrade process. As always greatly appreciative of any help provided, thanks.

They conflict because they provide the same functionality. Do you need both?

Thanks for the reply,

The router has both installed with openwrt 19.07, I am only updating the packages installed. Should I uninstall it to reinstall, I have been reading all the information I can get but I still do not understand how to get them both installed as the release has. By the way which one is better hostapd/wpad?

You should not update installed packages, you could wreck your configuration; there are a couple of threads about this around here.

Yep I am figuring it out, I was able to update both packages from a clean install without starting the wireless ap's and then redo my settings. I tried to install the dnscrypt proxy 2 from software but that broke the capability of updating the software list. I just want to keep my device up to date with the latest packages. Thanks again for all your help.