Cannot update dnsmasq package


As the same happened on previous versions of dnsmasq package, here are the pictures of trying to update it. You can see, PuTTy does not show this package as upgradable.


Any solutions?

Since dnsmasq is built into the image, I would suggest compiling a firmware with updated packages.

Also, you showed dropbear at the bottom; but your post is about dnsmasq...I can only assume then, that you ran the command in the CLI before you attempted to install in LuCI (hence your issue)?

  • Did you run opkg update before running opkg list-upgradable?

LuCI runs opkg update before listing or filtering packages; but on the CLI, you have to do it manually.

Of course, I ran opkg update.
I've got issues with this version of dropbear and now, I'm not updating it. That is not directly related to this issue.