Cannot reach server on other VLAN through WAN interface

I believe it is broadcasting a solicitation to find available servers. These won't traverse different broadcast domains by default. Have a look at similar topics.

Indeed, I see a UDP packet to every time I try to connect to my server through the WAN IP.

EDIT: I gave a look at the other topic but I'm afraid this goes beyond my knowledge... I'm still struggling with iptables itself having discovered it only a few days ago, and I honestly never heard of smcroute, I'm not even sure of what it does exactly. I tried to apply the same rules mentioned there adapting them to my interfaces, but it's not working (and I'm not surprised at all, of course).

Thanks anyway for the suggestion!

So, it seems that the packet to is also sent during discovery, so that's the one I should forward, but AFAIK there's no way to do that. Is this correct? If so, am I out of options?

If I let the server in my LAN subnet, can I still somehow block any access to other PCs in that subnet?

On the server itself.

Well... Since I'm not the only one having access to the server, that's not an option unfortunately

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