Cannot get WAN IP

Hi team,

Just chasing some advice: I have FTTP with Telstra and thought I would try this router. I have installed the latest stable version of Open-WRT/LEDE.

I cannot get it to assign a WAN IP address from the NTD

If I plug my laptop in it will obtain the IP address from the NTD but it will not do the same with the router. Can someone tell me what settings I need to put in to allow it to have the WAN address signed upstream? I flashed this from DD-WRT because the VPN client was not working well with Nord VPN and i was getting DNS leaks.


The ISP may be locking to MAC addresses.

Thanks for the reply. I believe that this may be true upstream of the NTD but I have previously used the same Linksys AC1900 router with DD-WRT on it and I am currently using a Apple Time Capsule without issue. I am not sure if the WAN setting should be getting an IP via DHCP or if it is PPoE. I believe that the provisioning is done by my ISP before the NTD and there shouldn't be any requirement for me to input a username and password.

Are there are any other Telstra FTTP users that can confirm for me?

If you can plug an ordinarily configured laptop direct to the modem and it works, that's DHCP.

any inclination as to what needs to be in the "hostname" field?

You can (and probably should) keep it empty. This is mainly useful if the DHCP server side is under your own control, in this case providing a DHCP client hostname helps to keep an overview over your client devices.

If you're using a Client ID, you should also keep this empty as well. On Verizon FTTP, this setting causes the MAC of the previous device to be hard-locked to the ONT for two hours.