Cannot connect to the internet from openwrt router to isp router

Hello, ive just bought a Plusnet Hub One, which is flashed with openWRT, i have a sky router. I want to use the plusnet router as an openvpn router. I connected it via the WAN port with ethernet cable to one of the LAN ports on the sky router. I do have uPNP disabled on the sky router, It is for a reason. In the status overview on the plusnet it sees the sky routers gateway which is The plusnets is Do i need to change the ip4 address for the plusnet to be on the same prefix as the sky router eg ? I did try but it didnt apply the changes and it crashed the internet on the sky router, so im a bit stuck now. Obviousely i cant download any sofware packages for openvpn until i get a connection

If you need any more info just ask ill try my my best cheers.

See this openvpn client guide for hh5a....

In answer to your question, as the sky hub is on default, you can leave the LAN IP address of the HH5a unchanged at if you follow above guide.

(re. your image. You have set the wrong WAN side static IP address btw)

ps. openvpn client does not use/require uPnP.

Cheers Bill ill have a read, there is a lot to this much more than i expected but ill sort it hopefully.

fwiw, if you are a Windows user, refer also to section 10 of the 200 page installation guide if you wish to learn about PuTTY and WinSCP software for Windows.

There is also

Im very familiar with putty and ssh i have 2 vps servers running apache 2 so thats not an issue. I tried to set this up without reading anything so my own fault.

Please mark as solved.

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