Cannot check runs

I'm trying to get the script to run and quiet down my noisy fan.
The script downloaded ok to /etc but I cannot check that it runs and see the following when running verbose from the /etc directory.
Any ideas where I'm going wrong?

root@OpenWrt:/etc# chmod +x
root@OpenWrt:/etc# verbose
-ash: not found
root@OpenWrt:/etc# ls
TZ                    fstab                 odhcp6c.user.d        services
backup                group                 openwrt_release       shadow
banner                hosts                 openwrt_version       shells
banner.failsafe       hotplug-preinit.json  opkg                  shinit
board.d               hotplug.d             opkg.conf             ssl
board.json            hotplug.json          os-release            sysctl.conf
capabilities          init.d                passwd                sysctl.d
config                inittab               ppp                   syslog.conf
crontabs              iproute2              preinit               sysupgrade.conf
device_info           localtime             profile               uci-defaults               luci-uploads          protocols             udhcpc.user
dnsmasq.conf          modules-boot.d        rc.button             udhcpc.user.d
dropbear              modules.d             rc.common             uhttpd.crt
e2fsck.conf           mtab                  rc.d                  uhttpd.key
ethers                nftables.d            rc.local              urandom.seed
****         odhcp6c.user          resolv.conf

./ or /etc/

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