Cannot access my router after running sysupgrade

Hi ! Recently I have installed openwrt in my archer c6 using GUI method . then I ssh to my router and transfer update bin file using scp command and when I was running sysupgrade command I accident turnoff my router when it was updating . Now I cannot SSH into my router . how can I proceed further ?

ssh command is returning error No route to host

Sysupgrade or opkg update?

Archer C6s

Sysupgrade ( My bad)

then you'll probably need to do a TFTP recovery.

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I should run tftp at right?

depends on your version of the C6, but it appears to be 66 for the v2.

I am trying tftp and capturing packets using wireshark . There is no tftp request from my router

Sorry to rig this thread. I was doing a xiaomi device.
I went OpenWRT invasion:

All I did was:

Download the openwrt-sysupgrade-image to /tmp and write it to the flash with mtd -r write <image> OS1

No other extra step. For some reason, I don't get a page up with the but I can still SSH into the router. Did I miss something?

You have installed a snapshot image. Read the link for instructions how to install Luci, which is not installed by default in snapshots.

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