Cannot access LuCi (from wifi) when router has internet access

Hi everyone!

I'm very new to openWRT, started playing with it yesterday, so excuse me if I have missed something obvious.

Issue is that while my wifi router (rpi4) has Ethernet cable connected AND is connected to internet through that cable, I lose the ability to use the GUI of the router through wifi. When Ethernet is not plugged in or isn't connecting to internet, I can access LuCi no problem.

Same goes for SSH, it works nicely so long as there is no internet connection.

In all mentioned situations I'm connected to the RPI via WiFi.

Is there something obvious I have missed here?

I can add the specifics (confs etc) later when I get home.


Do you have another router in your setup? Is it on the same subnet? You must use different subnets on the wan and lan, otherwise things break.


I have another router (cable modem) to which the RPI is connected via Ethernet. I'm not home yet, but I remember changing the ip4v address of the RPI in /etc/config/network.