Cannot access Luci after messing with settings


I am completely new to networking and Openwrt. I managed to flash and setup openwrt on Archer A7 and it was working very good. I wanted to harden my router so i followed the instructions here

I messed up uHTTPd settings and now i cannot enter Luci no matter what. Last thing i did was to remove my entries in http and https listeners, because i could not complete the instructions. I remember i clicked remove certificate, remove configuration, etc.

Please help! I tried to restart my router and pc, cleared cache on browser, plug directly ethernet cable. Still i cannot access Luci when i type "unable to connect". I have wifi and it is working.

How much have you done in terms of customization? The easiest thing to recover would be to simply use failsafe and reset the device to defaults and start over.

EDIT: while the "hardening" suggestions that the linked article recommends can make some sense in certain situations, the article incorrectly makes it seem as if not performing those actions will leave the LuCI web interface exposed to the internet. The fact is that the extra steps are unnecessary as standard firewall settings are actually quite good and already prevent access from the WAN.


Easiest might be to copy clean uhttpd settings from /rom, assuming that you have a normal router with flash (instead of sdcard).

cp /rom/etc/config/uhttpd /etc/config/uhttpd

Then either restart uhttpd or just reboot.