Cannot acces to repositories in


yesterday we noticed that some devices running Chaos Calmer 15.05 weren't able to download certain dependencies after boot since it seems that all files/directories in were moved/deleted and the server is answering an HTTP 404 error.

Do anyone knows if this is a temporal issue; and in that case, when is it estimated to become available again? Or where can we find a mirror of the missing repository?


I have a question. Why do you want to use packages from a trunk snapshot on 15.05?

That URL was never a repository to a release. SNAPSHOTS/TRUNK refers to a development build. Any packages found there were obsoleted when the kernel was bumped in that trunk. You will have to install a released version to have a permanent package base.

This is not temporary.

I would suggest you use 18.06.1, though.

In the future, do not rely on development snapshots for long-term use.

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