Can we deactivate qos and leave only dscp?

Hello to all

can we deactivate sqm and use only its own DSCP i have soon the fiber 1go /600 mega

my bufferbloat will be good

or maybe use only sqm on the wan part ? in upload

thanks to all

@moeller0 @dlakelan

DSCP does nothing by itself. You might try sqm on upload only

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ok thanks for your answer daniel

but on a fiber optic if I already get an excellent bufferbloat A+

what is the point of putting sqm ?

I know that by capturing the packets on wireshark my packets stay on cs0

with sqm and washup my packets are well marked



if i activate the qdisc on the lan i.e. the download do i have to put yes to wash the dscp to dl

and if I decide to apply only to the upload (wan)
do I have to activate the dscp only to the up ?

If you're getting excellent bufferbloat either you have a connection so fast you can't saturate it (ie. 10Gbps or something), or the ISP is running queue management, in either case there's no need for queue management.

In your test, the download direction is the one that has bufferbloat. It's got 286ms at the 95th percentile and 1.1 seconds at max, that's pretty awful. The way to deal with it is to set up SQM on download at a lower level, like 850Mbps. You're not going to care about losing 10% of speed but avoiding 1.1 seconds of delay will be significant.

however to run 800+ Mbps of SQM will require relatively beefy hardware. The Rpi4 or the R4S or an x86 box are good candidates.

ok thanks for your answer sqm with my belkin rt3200 armv8 2x1.4 ghz router is only 450 in both directions, think with another qdisc like fq codel or pfifo i can go higher in both directions, thanks

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