Can use Samba share, can't ping or find IP

I have a homebrewed network and I don't know much about ipv6 or dhcp or static leases. I can use the samba share provided by my pi-like network device (Odroid-HC4), but I can't seem to ping it or connect via the web terminal (exposed network services like OMV, nzbget, portainer). I could do that for months but not anymore.

Now, this perhaps isn't an openwrt issue, but I also can't diagnose it in openwrt due to my limited knowledge. I'd be happy if I could just get enough help here to get diagnostics to go bug the OMV people.

I set up the Odroid with a static lease at the lease is shown in openwrt luci-> static leases. but there's no active device in ipv4 or ipv6 leases that looks remotely like my odroid. everything plausibly belongs to another device that I can ping or visit in my browser. And again, I can access its network shares in Samba so it's on my network! Thanks for any advice.


Windows 10 PC -> Netgear GS108PEv3 - 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Smart Managed Plus Switch -> Nanopi r4s -> back to the switch -> Odroid-HC4 (Armbian/Debian/OpenMediaVault)

The network also has a TP Link Omada EAP265 HD as a dumb AP (stock).

λ net use
New connections will be remembered.

Status       Local     Remote                    Network

OK           Z:        \\ODROIDHC4\asdf
       Microsoft Windows Network
Disconnected           \\\IPC$      Microsoft Windows Network
The command completed successfully.

λ nslookup ODROIDHC4
Server:  OpenWrt.lan
Address:  fd92:364b:7d96::1

*** OpenWrt.lan can't find ODROIDHC4: Non-existent domain

λ fd92:364b:7d96::1
λ ping fd92:364b:7d96::1

Pinging fd92:364b:7d96::1 with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from fd92:364b:7d96::1: time<1ms
Reply from fd92:364b:7d96::1: time<1ms

Ping statistics for fd92:364b:7d96::1:
    Packets: Sent = 2, Received = 2, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 0ms, Maximum = 0ms, Average = 0ms
λ nslookup fd92:364b:7d96::1
Server:  OpenWrt.lan
Address:  fd92:364b:7d96::1

Name:    OpenWrt.lan
Address:  fd92:364b:7d96::1

Hi, your network explanation is a bit odd. What do you mean by going ‘back to the switch’ out of the r4s?

Is the samba server connected to the WAN side of your router?

If so, move it into the same network as your pc and I expect all will work as you’re wanting.

Also, there’s no link to the internet? Is this an airgapped network?

The plot thickens. All my devices got rebooted in a power outage. Now I can connect to my odroid at I see it in openwrt under active dhcpV6 leases.

I just added the DUID which I think is an ipv6 feature. I also changed the hostname to 'hc'. I can ping it at or hc, and my samba shares still work.

Disclaimer: I don't really know how switches/routers work. I don't know what parts of a network connection have to go through a router vs. being handled directly by a switch.

Is the samba server connected to the WAN side of your router?

I really hope not.

Updated architecture:

Windows 10 PC -> Netgear GS108PEv3 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Smart Managed Plus Switch -> Nanopi r4s (router on a stick, openwrt) -> Odroid-HC4 (Armbian/Debian/OpenMediaVault)

Also on the network is a wireless dumb AP and my WAN cable modem. the cable modem goes into the WAN port on the nanopi. the nanopi's other ethernet port goes into my switch.

Does your smb server have a static ip address in its configuration? I understand you now see it listed in your ipv6 leases, but if you don’t see it in your ipv4 leases it would lead me to assume that you manually configured the static address on the server side, which would mean that the openwrt dhcp server isn’t actually leasing the ipv4 address you assigned it to have so it’s null.

If you want it to show up in your IPv4 leases in openwrt, make sure the smb server is using dhcp in its configuration. That’s the first place I’d look.

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And do you vlans or any other config on the switch? You really don’t want the traffic to your server going through the openwrt router.

Only route to get to the internet, local traffic should stay in the same switch / network segment

I have it set to static ipv4 lease in openwrt (and it should be DHCP on the Samba device side). Is that the right way to do it? I want to connect to the same IP for that NAS every time.