Can Teams be tweaked to overcome UDP issues

I have Virgin broadband installed and recently upgraded to their 1gig service. Yes a total overkill I know. But hey I got the upgrade for 'nothing' (well to extend my contract with them).

Anyway I understand there is an issue with Virgin broadband and UDP which causes issues such as Microsoft teams to freeze momentarily. A 'fix' (well actually to improve the situation) is to put the supplied router into Modem mode and use a 3rd party router. Of course I do this anyway with my Linksys WRT32x. It appears this makes things far better (which it does) but not 100% as we still get occasionally Teams freezing issues.

Anyway firstly has anyone had similar issue and has (if possible) setting up QoS for Teams helped in OpenWRT. Or are there any other tweaks within OpenWRT that may help the situation with UDP?

Never heard of what you talking about, never experienced an issue.

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You should count yourself lucky then. It is something that is being reported on the Virgin community forum and seems widespread. . I wouldnt make a statement like that if I hadnt investigated it first.

Wait, is your issue ISP specific!?!?

If so, how does this relate to OpenWrt???

EDIT: I'd start tracing to the server the traffic is going to.


The research I did says to use a non Virgin router (which I have) and which helps but also consider QoS'ing Teams.

Mt question was a) has anyone else experienced this issue (you clearly havent which is good news) and b) would tweaking QoS within OpenWRT to priorotise ports 500xxx help.

Maybe even any suggestions about UDP traffic in general and any tweaks that could be made within the OpenWRT configuration.

OK, I was unsure if you meant Virgin ISP only users of Teams.

If the issue is at your router, yes. But I don't see how you could over-saturate a 1 Gbps connection. Also, I don't see why you'd need need QoS (given you said 1 Gbps overkill for you).

This really sounds like your ISP is QoSing the UDP packets somewhere in their network. Further Virgin is in the UK right?

Are the other callers in other countries (e.g. across the pond in the US)?

This is why I would ID/trace the server to get an understanding of where it is.

I've experienced teams max out CPUs on a client with multiple videos and a screen presentation, but not my connection.


Cheers. really useful suggestions thank you. And I have pm'd you the link on the other forum.

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I do know that she also likes to VPN in to work and Teams over that. I tell her not to do it but her answer is 'well it used to work'.

I never use Teams over VPN and I must say I dont have an issue

:bulb: Interesting you noted that VPN thing...because I was drafting something on connecting to a VPN that makes the network path closer; but it seems the opposite could also occur.

I provide IT support within the NHS. The VPN requirement has expanded greatly due to lock down and the NHS has also rolled out Teams as a secure a/v solution. But getting loads of people using VPN links (which obviously is needed as there is secure patient data) and also using Teams through it kiled the link. So the rule is if you want to Team dont VPN

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