Can’t login from XP

I joined the site and posted a question in the forum a few weeks ago. Came back today and find it impossible to login from my WinXP PC, using either Firefox or Chrome. I had used Firefox to make my earlier post.
When I open the forum URL, I see a blank page. Only by disabling javascript can I get any page displayed, but then I cannot login.

Has the forum code been changed recently, and if so is locking out WinXP a deliberate decision or a side effect? I can only post here now using a tablet, which is a pain.

The forum software has been updated 8h ago, so this might be a side effect of the update.

A bit older, but perhaps still true:


you should install a different browser that's still updated Browsers for Windows XP — - I recommend mypal or arcticFox

Not to be snarky here, but you should probably not be using XP on the internet. I understand that some legacy software or hardware may be incompatible with newer versions of Windows, but XP went officially EOL in 2014. It has been 7 years since then -- an absolute eternity in tech time. And there are a ton of active exploits that target XP (which has not been patched since the last update issued in April 2014).