Can’t access web interface after upgrade GL-B2200

Hi everyone.
not so long ago I updated one of my routers GL-B2200 to firmware openwrt 22.03.
Today I decided to do the same operation with the 2nd router.
I went to the internal software update, downloaded it. router rebooted and stopped distributing ipi. I manually set the ipi and tried to access it. I get the following page:

But if I try to go into the boot, everything works.

Can you tell me what I did wrong and how I can get him out of this state?

First try to SSH into the router. if that not works see:

what does this mean ?
If I try to go to that address, I see the following:

But if I try to go to this address:
I get the error above.

ssh is not responding. I try the reset button, but the effect is the same

as long as u-boot starts, you haven't been able to flash openwrt successfully.

oh, that's not expected.
Isn't there any option to, for example, re-flash it with GL?


question is why the openwrt image flash failed, sure you used the correct one ?

Yes, I used the image downloaded yesterday from the openwrt website, which I used to flash the second router from the same box yesterday. I bought two routers together.
Which you helped me to flash yesterday.

Can you tell me how I can "bring the router back to life"?

the recovery should work for both gl.inet and openwrt firmwares.

You mean about pressing the reset button to change the ipi? I've already tried that, and god only get into the uboot, but not the image download window.
Just as for me, loading an image file into the uboot window doesn't sound logical or am I wrong and it is possible?


didn't actually see the page said it's an U-boot updater, not fw recovery, my bad, sorry.

if there's no way to get to the correct fw recovery, you'll need to get serial port access
to the device, or ask GL.inet how to get out of the u-boot update loop.

Eh, I'd hate to have to take it apart. I'll try to ask support GL.inet.

Updating by router:
After trying to contact tech support, after 3 days, I was given advice.
It seemed strange at first, but it worked in the end.

How it worked for me:

  1. take the official GL firmware from the website.
  2. Put the router in firmware mode (instructions on the site)
  3. set manual ip on the computer (as in the instructions).
  4. Go to the router via Edge (before I tried to do it via Chrome).
  5. Upload the firmware and be happy that it works.

This may be of use to someone else, but was extremely surprised that this problem is so easily solved

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