Can someone share Tplink C20i full Dump file for flashing Chip

I have a bad flash and bricked my C20i now I am not able to recover it from tftp method so I want to flash the chip, I have ch341a programmer. If anyone share the full Dump file of C20i I can flash the winbond chip directly

Meanwhile, could this be helpful? It instructs you on how to build a "dump" with all your device specific information. Look at section "Recovering from a bad flash / Unbrick your router"

Otherwise, maybe @pparent76 seems to have a lot of these machines and perhaps, could help you.

There seems to be a flash dump on this site (search for "C20i" in the page):

This is the binwalk output of this BIN file (bin size is 8,388,608 bytes):

94928         0x172D0         U-Boot version string, "U-Boot 1.1.3 (Jun 23 2014 - 15:14:15)"
131584        0x20200         LZMA compressed data, properties: 0x5D, dictionary size: 8388608 bytes, uncompressed size: 3515396 bytes
1441792       0x160000        Squashfs filesystem, little endian, version 4.0, compression:xz, size: 5271972 bytes, 634 inodes, blocksize: 131072 bytes, created: 2015-05-12 06:00:24

Eventually I could get them back, with reset at boot + TFTP.