Can someone please explain how to use imagebuilder?

First, I apologize for being so ignorant - I'm completely new to this and in way over my head.

I'm on macOS, but downloaded developer tools on an older machine that has an ethernet port.

How do I actually run imagebuilder? I'm trying to eventually use "tplink-safeloader" but I have no idea how to use imagebuilder. I downloaded the generic file following the directions on, but don't know how to access the code. Can I use Terminal?

Thank you!

The imagebuilder contains precompiled x86_64 binaries, you can't run it on non-linux (or non-x86_84).

Alternatives would be:

  • running linux in a virtual machine on top of MacOS
  • building from source, using OpenWrt's buildroot environment instead of the imagebuilder, which would build natively on MacOS

This was simple, straightforward, and helpful. Thank you!

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