Can not update software

hi i am new to use openWRT.

I try to update the software but i got the following message . when click on update list


wget: bad address ''
Collected errors:

I am using a QSDK Wireless Router QCA9558.LN. which i brought with openWRT installed

thanks for any help


You’re running a version from 2013. That is very very very obsolete, unsupported, and no longer suitable for use on the internet due to the plethora of security vulnerabilities.

You might be able to upgrade to a supported version (19.07 or 21.02), but I doubt that will be possible based on the age of your device and/or the fact that it may be built on an SDK that is not the official openwrt project (based on OpenWrt, but not the real deal).

Ultimately, it is almost certainly time for a new device.



I only brought it this week has used item of eBay

When you bought it is irrelevant. See if you can return it.


the eBay seller say no return. I am in the UK please can you help me buy used router which i can use with openWRT



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