Can not port forward to device


I am trying to add a port forward for my Pi running OpenWrt to my router which seems to be also running OpenWrt (although, a custom ISP image). My technicolor tg789vac v2 router (main router) no longer acknowledges the address of my single board computer. I am trying to put the address of the sbc in the router so I can port forward to it but after entering 10.1.1.* the address of the sbc is not in list of addresses to choose from.

Has anyone else had this problem before? If so did you manage to solve and if so how?



You can enter any address, at the very bottom of the dropdown is a field labelled "custom".

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No custom field available. :thinking:

The screenshot you displayed doesn't appear to be OpenWrt. If for some reason I've mistaken, please feel free to clarify.

Normally, you would inquire with the creator of the firmware you're using.

Apparently it is an older version according to this article

My apologies - I'm familiar with OpenWrt all they way back to White Russian and Kamikaze:

  • I've never seen that GUI
  • I've never seen a LuCI web GUI that has DDNS and UPnP on the same page as the Firewall
  • In any case, you can still enter any valid IP scheme - as previously noted by @andyboeh

I don't see anything in the article advising that information. What I do see a statement that says:

Limited to version 15.05.1 (see notes).

That generally means that this device isn't supported by current OpenWrt firmware. I should note - there's also no installation instructions on that WIki page.

  • Did you install OpenWrt?
  • To better assist you, are you able to provide the OpenWrt version information from your device?

ubus call system board

If I interpret the information in this article correctly, then it's not supported by OpenWrt at all. The vendor uses OpenWrt 15.05 has the base for his own firmware image, but that's it as far as OpenWrt support is concerned. We do not know what they have modified.

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That's precisely the issue, and why it's difficult to give advice on how to configure it.

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From the GateWay information selection of the web Interface (was unable to ssh in to the router)

Product Vendor
Product Name
MediaAccess TG789vac v2
Software Version
Firmware Version

Yes, that's definitely not OpenWrt. Apologies we can't assist more. It appears that the OEM firmware is still installed and running on that device.

I doubt there ever was an OpenWrt release for this device, the Wiki page is just misleading and mixing up the vendor firmware with an OpenWrt release.

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Rang my isp and they could only help with internet connection issues not port forwarding, etc. Will need to do some more research in to the brand of modem to see if I can find anything.

I can try using DMZ to forward everything to the pi then have the pi handle the firewall, etc.


maybe your Techicolor shows only devices (addresses) which have DHCP leases ?

I figured out that I need to enter the MAC Address of the then assign an ip address to it. However, something is randomizing the MAC Address every time I reboot the pi.


I think I has figured out what is randomizing the MAC Address... OpenWrt! Going to "Network" -> "Wireless" -> (device name) -> "Edit" -> "Advanced" (under Interface Configuration) and manually entering a MAC Address then saving and applying seems to do the trick.

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