Can not install OpenWrt on Belkin RT1800

Looking into the;a=commit;h=26a6a6a60ba74875b5ef819ac5765d3bcbbb930e commit in which this router is supported, I used the file to try to update the FW from the Belkin's stock Web UI. It said "installation succeeded", but the router restarts to the same stock FW.

Is there any other procedure to install OpenWRT on this router?

I struggled a lot but I finally manager. There are a couple of other posts in this forum so basically I had to

  • Download the official firmware from Belkin: FW_RT1800_V1.1.00.016_Prod_20210723_code.bin
  • Connect the serial port
  • Power on the router
  • Force to boot the first partition
  • in the web ui, install the previous official FW
  • Wait the router to restart. Look at the serial port, ensure the router boots from the second partition
  • in the web ui, install openwrt, factory version
  • wait for the fw to install and restart
    OpenWrt should be running now

Here is the procedure: Linksys E7350 Serial Port Problem or downgrade method - #22 by AndrewZ
Just in case you will buy another one :wink: