Can not connect to openwrt.lan or after upgrade

After upgrade of my linksys WRT3200ACM router, the internet access works fine. Unfortunately, according to nmap -PA only port 53 is open (DOMAIN). I have no way of connecting to the device whether using firefox or using SSH.

Does anyone have tips on how to continue?

EDIT: I did an upgrade from the previous version (which was the first version) and I used to have https access. I did not keep previous, as was advised in the manual.

This device has two partitions, so you can go back to the previous version:

  • Switch the device off.
  • Switch the device on, wait for three seconds, and switch it off.
  • Switch the device on, wait for three seconds, and switch it off.
  • Switch the device on, wait for three seconds, and switch it off.
  • Switch the device on.

The device should now boot to the previous version.

What I cannot explain is why you did not have any access at all on the new version, SSH should always be available on a clean install.


You did not mentions any specifics regarding the versions involved, so the ideas are generic.

Some ideas:

  • Enter failsafe mode (read wiki)
  • Reset router, if you have some strange settings.

Ps. Did you use a non-standard shell (like bash) instead of default busybox ash? If you did and you have not included bash in the image, the router's root may not have a properly functioning shell (if you sysupgraded with settings).

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I too have that or a similar problem. Went to upgrade with an Linksys EA8500 from .5 to .6 keeping settings, but I did not know only default settings would preserve. As result I did not receive any valid DHCP address. So I manually set ip. Luci would not work, but I could connect via ssh. As I had dnsmasq-full with the generic img it was replaced with normal variant, removed that, added full and dhcp working, dns, wlan etc. everything basic so far except luci. Though I only added few packages, can't think of what messes with default services any my setting changes. Checking configs, logread, reinstalls etc. I cant find out a solution.

So finally to my reason here/hint: I will prob reset the router, and config from basic resp.. try to create a configuration script as recommended/linked here: (till at some future point I will be rdy to build resp. troubleshoot in most situations myself)

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The sysupgrade process does not preserve packages installed by the user, even if settings are marked to be preserved, and that can cause trouble sometimes. For example, DNSSEC only works with "dnsmasq-full", and will prevent "dnsmasq" from starting.

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I did as you said (nothing else seemed to make sense anyway as I could not connect to the device). It took me back to the original operating system of the linksys. Of course it took a lot of time to reconfigure to recognize internet, because this router is internal with respect to the primary router. Once I had had enough of struggling without access to internet, I configured it as a bridge.

So the end result is that I have it now configured as a linksys bridge, meaning that it delegates responsibility to the primary router (a fritz box). It is a pity, but upgrading should not leave the device unconnectable. What I did to upgrade was just use the upgrade facility in the web interface with the "keep settings" disabled. The upgrade finished, I had internet connection, but I could no longer access the device.

I might risk flashing dd-wrt once again, given a lot of free time.

Thank you for your help.

See my reply to eduperez: I used sysupgrade of the web facitily. Pretty standard actually. I might install anew one day but not today. Thanks for your answer.

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