Can Netgear R7800 USB Port LTE

I found an offer for a 4g/5g SIM for 1p a month for 6 months so I thought why not see what speed I can get.

So how easy is it to use the USB port on the Netgear R7800 running OpenWrt to work with LTE USB Device?

Is it just a case of Plug and Play or is there a lot of config / coding required?

Also are there any 300mb Cat6 devices that would work in the USB3 port of an R7800?

A friend of mine spent £120 on a TPLink MR6400 running stock firmware, installed the SIM and it all worked, I see it is on offer now at £86

I was hoping there would be a Cat6 300mb USB solution, the R7800 has USB3 ports so in theory should be able to handle the speed, but it is tough to find a solution.

I did see this device that supports USB3 but not convinced it will work

Should I throw £25 at this on the off chance it will work or pick up the MR4600 at £86 and use stock firmware until there is a better solution. I won't use both because of power requirements.

Thanks for your input!

Sierra EM7455 ?

That's only for installing the card, still need the actual modem.

@frollic thanks for your reply, so would the EM7455 be plugged into the EXVIST adapter above along with the 4g SIM?

Would it then work in the R7800 or would there be more config/coding etc to be done?


there's always more config to be done in openwrt :slight_smile:
but yes, it should work.

Another option is obviously to use an old cell phone, connected via USB, usually the cheapest alternative, since people tend to have a couple of those in a drawer, at home.

Thanks Again @frollic

How would that work? USB Cable to R7800?

I have tried old phones to deliver wifi hotspot but the performance has been rubbish, really bad latency and speeds not impressive at all, 3.4mb download and 99ms ping on phone and even worse when hotspot made.

I think it is a UK thing, a friend of mine from Banga gets amazing speeds on mobile but no broadband.

Is there a page I can research for the likely config?

Yes, cable is preferred ..