Can in install OpenWrt on my Netgear Nighthawk AC2600

Hi there,

New to the router open source firmware here. I just got a Netgear Nighthawk AC2600 (Model R7400-100NAS). I was wondering if I can install OpenWrt firmware in that particular model.

Doesn’t look like it[Brand*~]=Netgear&dataflt[Model*~]=

I don't see "R7400" listed in[Model*~]=R7400

Without knowing the chips in it, it's nearly impossible to know if it could be supported in the future. wasn't very helpful either, with one of the posters already checking "the usual" places for information.

thanks! I was confused I thought R7000 was kind of a family and R7400 was just a small variation of the first one.

The manufacturers are good at "confusion" -- even within the same model number, the core chips can vary greatly. As just one example, the EA6350 v1 and v2 use one chip set (unsupported), the v3 is well supported by OpenWrt, and the v4, from what I recently read, uses yet another chip set (support possibilities unknown).

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It seems to be mt7621 based, which wouldn't be too bad, but either way, it will require considerable effort for someone (probably you) to add support for it.