Can I use VELOP WHW01 as Wifi-to-Ethernet Extender?

I picked up some very cheap Linksys VELOP WHWO1 mesh routers that I would like to use as simple ethernet access points for areas in my house where I can't run cables to clients that have no wireless option.

My current home network uses the TP-Link Deco Mesh 6E routers on factory stock images.

I've tried to follow the tutorials using relayed but always end up with a different subnet for my ethernet ports on the receiving VELOP which means that my end client couldn't communicate with the servers on my Deco network.

Is there a way I can simply extend my current Deco subnet across all devices with the 'master' Deco router handling DHCP and reservations for everything?


This is not entirely straightforward, but can be achieved with relayd.

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I'll take another swing at it. That was the tutorial I followed before but maybe I got something wrong so I'll try again.

As mentioned, it's possible via relayd - but relayd is not all that reliable, WDS/ 4addr would be a more robust option. But WDS/ 4addr is not supported by the OEM firmware of your Deco Mesh 6E.

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I went back and redid the relayd tutorial and got it to work this time, I must have mucked it up on my first try. Got a healthy 450mbps across the connection which is more than fine for my needs.

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