Can I use TEW-732BR software on TEW-731BR

I have not used OpenWrt before. How exact must be openwrt version to hardware? Specifically, can I use Trendnet TEW-732BR OpenWrt in TEW-731BR. model?
Will it brick it or is it more like try out and look what happens?
I would like to expand my network and old trendnet happen to lie around.

A 100% match.

It's quite possible you'll brick it.

Companies have been known to change chipsets on devices but odds are that the
731BR is based on a Realtek chipset

The 732BR is Qualcomm/Atheros

If you are serious about running OpenWrt, I suggest you work through the following steps:

  1. Design your LAN around what your ISP will provide in the way of bandwith, the number of devices/users your LAN has and how much "routing/packet filtering you need.
  2. Browse the Table of Hardware. Pick out devices that will meet your needs. Be careful of Broadcom and Realtek devices. Wireless does not work on many of them.
  3. Review the OpenWrt installation instructions for each device. Some are as easy as clicking a firmware button in a Web interface. others require you to open the case.
  4. With a list of devices in hand, shop for the best price.

OK I have OpenWrt working just hoped to get to use my trendnet for AP