Can I use an ASUS DSL-N14U as router with OpenWrt?

Hello all,
I'm new here, so I'm unsure what can I do with this hardware.
I've seen here it's not supported by OpenWrt, and it probably won't be supported, but as I want to use it as WAN device, is there something I can do to take the most of it?
It is 16/64 (more specs here) and its source code is available here, but I don't know what to do with that info, neither how to check SoC (RT63365E?).
Is it completely unsupported?
Is it worth to build OpenWrt from source for DSL-N14U?

Which part of Asus DSL-N14U and OpenWrt cannot flash isn't clear?

@slh please, answer the questions or step aside, that doesn't contribute to clear up my doubts, as that person is flashing an image for different device model (RT-n14u) and it's not clear that openwrt couldn't be compiled for DSL-n14u without xDSL support, could be?

What is a WAN device ?

Yes, didn't see.
The right question is, can it be used as a router?
Just take WAN cable in one of ethernet ports and act as Router for LAN, support for xDSL is not necessary.
(May someone with enough rights edit topic and change «wan device» to «router»).