Can I mix trunk packages feeds with 18.06-snapshot for main base feed?

I make my own custom images with the help of build environment.
I see that some pacakages that are important to me are not updated to lates version (the most glaring one is Tor package, but there are other like zsh) .
If I use the 18.06 tag for main feed (git of base enviroment) can I use the trunk for the packages
and luci feeds?

like this?
src-git packages
instead of
src-git packages;openwrt-18.06

does this make the device way more unstable or are the packaged separated and they dont cause the router to brick?

the update scripts and base files are in the main feed, right?

I hope I explained it correctly.

This combination is untested and not actively supported, it may work while openwrt-18.06 and master haven't diverged too much, but chances are that upcoming disruptive changes will break it (openssl 1.1, newer musl and busybox versions, ...).

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aren't openssl musl and busybox inside the main git repo(that in my case is 18.06 snapshot) and outside of the package repo? ?
that was my main question.

Yes, those are in the main repo - but packages are adapted to build against them.

Like slh says, compiling master packages for 18.06 may work, but may also fail. Most vanilla user-space packages will likely work, but some that are tied closely to network functionality (like netifd services) may fail to work properly if master deviates from 18.06.

So if I want a semi stable (not getting bricked) I should get both on 18.06 snapshot?
what can I do for packages that I think I need the new versions of? like Tor? if It is not messing the other packages build can I somehow put that package from the master repo or that may not work too because it may get some library and compile them and mess other packages?

btw is there a reason that packages like Tor dont get updated or is it just the guidline that only minor numeric version (from 3.2.9 to 3.2.10 but not to 3.3.1) ? on the last version Tor was on 2.9 and the version was really really old.