Can I change belkin RT3200's model name in openwrt?

hi, the device model is listed as "Linksys E8450 (UBI)", i wonder if there's a way to change it to belkin rt3200?

thank you

It's the same device, different color, less LEDs.

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so the answer is no... this is going to test my ocd.
but thank you for answering these pedantic questions

Yes it's exactly the same board. If you look inside an RT3200 there are solder pads for the LAN port LEDs that the E8450 has.

Actually, you can!

Add echo "Belkin RT3200 (UBI)" > /tmp/sysinfo/model or whatever you want between the quotes in /etc/rc.local or in Luci in System > Startup > Local Startup.




Not a good idea, as this value is used in multiple places - including network bring-up (o.k., that part won't be that bad, as the content is reset over the next reboot anyways) but more critically, sysupgrade. Do not touch it.


The one used by sysupgrade is /tmp/sysinfo/board_name and is still intact as linksys,e8450-ubi.

The model file is just cosmetic. I've done a couple sysupgrades and everything's fine so far.