Can I bridge one LAN port to a specific SSID?

My router is Netgear R7800

The screenshot shows an unused LAN port, which I'm wondering if I could bridge to a specific SSID, say, IPTV.

It shows my current LAN configuration, which hasn't been modified; the wan is my internet configuration, a PPPOE dial to the fiber modem.

What I want to achieve is using the currently available LAN port to connect to the IPTV port on the fiber modem, and bridge that connection to a new SSID for the STB to access.

I would think that requires breaking the LAN port 2/4 out of the current VLAN group and add it to another that connects to a new SSID, however my VLAN/iptables knowledge is next to zero, can someone tell me how to do that? Thank you very much.

P.S. A big thanks to you providing the help and the admin for moving this into the correct sub-forum, this is my first post here although I've long been a fan of the openwrt community.

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@jyc860923, welcome to the community!


  • Make a new VLAN/OpenWrt Interface, make it a bridge
  • Assign this VLAN the Switch port
  • Lastly, assign this new Interface to the new SSID
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First in the switch create a new VLAN, number 3 will be fine. Make it tagged on eth1 and untagged on LAN port 3. Turn off LAN port 3 in VLAN 1.

Now you have a connection from eth1.3 to ethernet cable 3. So next make a new network interface, naming it 'iptv' will be fine. Protocol should be "Unmanaged" since you don't want or need the router OS to interact with any TV packets, they just pass through. In the physical settings check bridge and add eth1.3.

Finally make a new wifi interface for your TV and attach it to the iptv network.

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Thank you very much for the suggestions, I will try tonight to see how it works and report back.

Test result: it's working! But you guys must already know that. My STB only connects to 2.4GHz and it's a crowded airspace, before this I never imagined I had to restrict the bandwidth to 20MHz instead of 40MHz, but since the IPTV is buffer-less, any jittering caused by 40MHz overlap can cause unusable stuttering even with a signal as stong as the r7800 sends, so lesson learned.

@lleachii I chose @mk24's answer as the solution but your answer definitely helped too.

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