CAN-Bus to OpenWrt?

Has anybody a recommendation from personal experience regarding connection of CAN-Bus to openwrt-box ?
Recommended, cheap converter to be used, like CAN<->USB ?

Anything with ELM327 chips is better in general than Chinese copies.
I can’t recall if those chips always support CAN, but they definitely support traditional OBD2 signalling.

I've used cantin (slcan socket can) and it works well, i've tested also cantact/canable (also slcan) but they stuggle a bit with crowded can lines.

How did you connect the 2 wires of the converter (like cantact, for example) to the existing CAN-bus ? Soldering ? Asking, because of this one, for example:

I put in a Racing Car so che canbus is exposed troguh a connetor. Canbus is quite easy going for the connection, the safest is troguh the obd connector if the vehicle has the can there Pin6 and Pin14