Can ASUS-AC68U(BCM4708A) support 1GB memory?

Someone post in somewhere(BBS) says that try to change 256MB to 1GB in a ASUS-AC68U(CPU:BCM4708A) . He already did some try. But for the reason I do not know, the "try" is terminated. He has install a 1GB RAM,but router display only 521MB.

First thing came to my mind is that BCM4708A can't support 1G , however, it took me a while to find datasheet of BCM4708A , but nothing found.
I am so so so curious about the experiment, so I post here and ask:
1、Is 1GB in BCM4708A possible ?
2、Is 1GB in AC68U possible?
3、who has the datasheet,can post the link or pdf or snapshot of features ?

Any bit of help is welcomed.Thanks a lot! :handshake:

here is some pic form the poster:

Easy solution: buy a new router with your desired amount of memory. Problem solved, easier and way faster than trying to upgrade soldered memory on an embedded device.

With x86 devices you could have gigabytes of memory, even terabytes, if you need it.

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yes,your answer is right. But it is a lot of fun that upgrading. So the same as openwrt, installing and modifying is a lot fun.

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You might want to read the following so you know what you might be getting into

Yes, different device, but you might be facing similar challenges