Can anyone get me up to speed with the current way to install OpenWRT on AX6/AX3000?

As it says on the tin. I found several pages of writing on what to do with a bunch of conflicting info. First obviously is the current TOH for AX6/3000:

This would require me to do an SSH with another OpenWRT flashed router. I could provide that, although barely. I currently own a TP Link TL-WA901ND V5 currently running as an Access Point to my network (i am aware of the 4/32 limit and are looking at the community built ath79tiny linked here. But im not quite sure if this guide could be or should be done on 1 LAN port. As far as i know most of other openWRT guide recommends me to always used wired, never go wireless. but as we all obviously could tell that is not possible with this AP in particular. And ive heard complications on downgrading the firmware for the AX6/3000 from as recently as 10 days ago.

Can anyone give me a guiding hand to atleast get me to an SSH? Or should i just switch it up and go for the less complicated AX3000T? Whats the difference between the two chipsets in terms of performance and compatibility?

On that thread on the second link, installing from MiWifiRepairTool worked for me. I was able to downgrade to the exploitable firmware.

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