Can Access Remote Ports Externally but not Locally

So i use to be able to access my cameras locally while i was still connected to my network. So like my public ip i can access the open port outside of my home network, but i can not when im actually on my computer i have to use the local address but i use to be able to do it through my external.

I recently did a fresh upgrade so im not sure if that is a setting that i had put in over time.


Works from remote, but not locally?

yeah so example

mydns:myport works externally and not local
but also if i manually put in the public ip so like this

publicIP:port that also does not work while connect to the same network.


LocalIP:Port works when in network

the reason for this is i have a few members of the family who can access the cameras for the house and i have it set up with a dns and it use to work just fime remote and local with the same dns link. Then i upgraded

Rebind the domain with its private IP address on your local DNS server.

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Thanks for the suggestion I ended up fixing it another way, so even though the ports were open with upnp I had to manually add a port forward rule and specify the specific ip. Everything worked after that.

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