Call for trial of OpenWrt Routers

Hello guys, we are a small start up team with a trial or test for installing OpenWrt Routers, guys who are interested in joining, please leave message to me, thank you ~~

Some details of what your objectives are (and who "you" are), what is involved, what the time commitment is, types of connectivity required, and level of technical ability expected, along with your data-privacy policy would be helpful.

Thank you for your reminding, our project is called BonusCloud. By installing plug-in in OpenWrt routers, we are trying to construct edge computing network to put decentralized cloud computing network into practice. And here are our website:

Puuuhhh....a lot of good arguments, let me think about it ;- )

ok, no problem~

Bitcoin mining. I'm gonna think about it too.... LOL

Somehow I don't think it's really "bitcoin" that they're mining, even with a huge network of router SoCs that we all know aren't very good at "crypto" processing. Data mining and connectivity control is a lot more valuable, especially when you can get people to willfully compromise their own routers.

Notice no privacy policy that I couid find.


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hey i have a large number of openwrt devices , tell me how to join

hello, thank you for your interest, if you have telegram, you can join in our group: and @ our admins. Hope to hear from you.

We have a Chinese version privacy policy and now working in translating into English version.