Cable modems and extenders (WCB3000N for example)

On Sunday I acquired an ActionTec WCB3000N.

The ActionTec WCB3000N is based on an open source firmware and I was able to obtain the source and build instructions from ActionTec! I have not yet successfully built a firmware from it, but I am working on that. Has anyone ever tried to get OpenWRT to build on such a device?

I also have Satellite/TV coax running in my house (unused currently) and wish to extend my network using it. Now, I do know that if I obtain a second WCB3000N and plug them both into the coax, I can extend my Ethernet network (or WiFi as they do have WiFi radios in them too, though I plan not to use them) over the coax. Has anyone ever tried repurposing a cable modem to do the same thing?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and do have a most blessed, safe, happy, healthy, and thug-free new year!


The Realtek CPU and wifi chips are not supported. This box is a non-starter for OpenWrt.

Also since it is MoCA 1.1 the maximum speed through the cable is 175 Mbps. You can buy standalone MoCA bridges that are a faster standard, but in the end you will be much happier to install Ethernet cable through the house.

I re-read the specs on it after I read your email. For the $10 I paid for, its not a huge loss. Granted, I am getting my home ready for sale so adding wiring at this juncture I am loath to do. However, I was using Ethernet over Powerline and was getting about 60Mbps so 175Mbps would be an improvement!

I could never figure out how to get 802.11s going on OpenWRT, I tried and gave up. I did get 802.11r/k/v/w, etc... going - that works well, but two routers need to be connected somehow so it is Ethernet over Powerline for now.

When I move and get a condo, the very first thing I will do before even starting to live there will be to open the walls and put conduit in so I can easily pull speaker wire, 12V DC wire, TV coax, RG58 for RF, ethernet, fiber, whatever I want.

If I find another one of these boxes I will try it just for the heck of it.

I am curious though if a current cable modem could be repurposed for this kind of usage.

Thanks for your complete and brisk reply.