Cable modem (Virginmedia)


I have been using OpenWRT with a Virginmedia cable modem fine with v19 firmware, but cannot make it work with v21. The option to set MAC address of the interface (network > interfaces > edit) has vanished from the Advanced tab.

Please could anyone give any advice, especially if they are using OpenWRT with a cable modem or Viginmedia.


Please paste your /etc/config/network into a codebox (obfuscate login data or VPN settings), there are two approaches to do this.

Not sure whether that is the case for Virginmedia cable, but DOCSIS-modems will only supply LAN-side devices with DHCP in a short timewindow after boot, after that the already registered MAC address can be used to reconnect (most of the time one can exchange the router by cloning that registered MAC address to the current router's WAN interface). If that is the case often one alternative to MAC cloning is to simply shot down router and modem, leave them off for 5 minutes (just to be sure the CMTS notices) and then power on both, the router now has a decent change of getting its WAN MAC provisioned by the modem's DHCP server.
Mind you that is orthogonal to the justified question where the "override MAC" field of the GUI went to.

UPDATE, try looking under Network->Interfaces->Devices there select your WAN interface and click on "configure..." you should see a field to enter an override MAC address.

I'm a Virgin Media UK customer as well.

You shouldn't need anything different between 19.07 and 21.02 to obtain the WAN IP or setting a specific Mac Address. Although it has been known sometimes that powering the Hub modem off and on will usually force things if you don't get a WAN IP.

I assume your Hub is in Modem Mode?

I also having that unable to get WAN in my Openwrt to connect with modem mode virgin media hub 4!
Can clone hub 4 mac address to openwrt that can solve this problem?

You shouldn't need to clone the Mac address. Just put the hub in modem mode. Connect a cable from port 1 of the virgin hub to the wan port of your router, then turn the virgin hub on and off. You'll initially get an IP of 192.168.100.x then you'll get a proper internet address.

You should be able to connect to to get to the modems status page.