C2600 Wired LAN Performance Issues

I'm trying to troubleshoot bandwidth issues on the wired side to WAN. Setup is a C2600 connected to an 8 port unmanaged switch. Ihave 100Mbps down and 10 Mbps up to my ISP. Wireless performance is great when testing to dslreports. But when I use a wired interface I get bad throughput. The odd thing is if I move the client to a downstream unmanaged switch that is connected to the router I get decent performance. I've tried this on two hosts, a Win 10 box and a Pi3. Very puzzled.

The first thing I'd check for is bad cables.

Layer 1, check. Tried different cables and different interfaces. Same result. Unfortunately I went straight to non factory firmware so I don't have a baseline on factory firmware.

Have you done any strange config from your side? Because i can pull nearly the full 1Gbit on my device with 18.06.1 (Im using irqbalance too, but the performance inpact is not that big). By the way a pi3 only have an 100mbit Interface that share its connection on the pcb with the sd card an usb interface (max 480mbit on pi3 everything combined). Check if the network driver is crap under your win10 machine too. I got recently one from windows itself that even produced a memory leak on a laptop from a friend (Broadcom). Im using myself a vdsl2 100/40mbit internet connection.

Nothing out of the ordinary. I know the pi has limitations. The issue is my pi and win 10 box do really well when connected to my downstream switch. Its only when connected to the wired router ports that bandwidth suffers. It"s almost like a flow control issue. Right now I have 3 low bandwidth need devices and my unmanaged switch connected to the router. All the bandwidth hungry boxes are on the unmanaged switch. In this configuration I do ok. I still get better throughput via WiFI AC but its much closer than if my wired devices were directly connected to my router. I might download a linux bootable image and do some iperf testing between a couple boxes. I don't think I habe 2 with Gig NICs though.

Define "bad throughput".

Is this with a stable or snapshot build?

Stable build. Dslreports shows about 30-40Mbps via router ports. When I move my client to my unmanaged switch its double that. All day everyday I can reproduce. I'll try a 3rd and 4th client tonight.

I definitely don't experience that, and my ISP down rate is half of yours. I also get ~550Mbps from my CPU limited local file server using a fully wired connection to a win10 PC.

I'd suggest trying a snapshot build as there have been many changes since the 18.01 release, including several that affect the c2600 and ipq806x in general. If you run your own build, avoid using the ath10k-ct firmware as there are issues with crashing and poor 2.4G wireless performance with it for the 99x0 radio (not trying to self promote, but the build I run is here).

So I went ahead and schedule a maintenance window with my family to take down the router tonight LOL. I installed factory, tested with minimal config and only was able to get about 65-70% throughput vs connected to a downstream switch. I got about 65Mbps wired into the router from my host and about 93Mbps off the unmanaged downstream switch. Makes no sense other than buffering or flow control issues on the LAN ports. Because I got close to the same results with the stock firmware I might just chalk it up to hardware limitations between CPUs (LAN vs WAN). I should be able to confirm that with some iperf tests with two Gig capable PCs. Maybe this weekend. But it doesn't appear to be firmware related. Sigh....

Still looking to solve this problem. Now using a 3B+ with Gig NIC. I did hook up a single host directly to a LAN port and was able to get good throughput. The problem starts when more than 1 host is connected. So even with the un-managed switch and 7 hosts off that switch as long as only 1 interface of the router is used I get good throughput. The second I hook another host off the router my throughput on that port goes down. Hosts off the un-managed switch still get good throughput even with the second host connected to the router.

Example 1
internet<-->cable modem<-->router<-->un-managed switch<--> 7 hosts=good throughput

Example 2
internet<-->cable modem<-->router<-->un-managed switch<--> 7 hosts=good throughput
.................................................. |
...................................................|-<-->host=bad throughput