Buy a router supported by OpenWrt

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I am recommending to anyone thinking about getting a router with OpenWrt support, GET IT!
If you've ever jailbroken a phone, then flashing a router with OpenWrt is a piece of cake (no pun intended) compared to that. The SQM QoS feature in OpenWrt will completely fix any latency or lag you face while gaming. And you can open multiple web pages one after another MUCH more quickly.
I am attaching two photos, the first photo is a bufferbloat test with a $230 router (Archer 3200) with NO OpenWrt support (without SQM), and the second photo is the same test with a $70 router (Archer C7) WITH OpenWrt installed, and SQM, ON.

My Xfinity (ISP) provided rental router+modum in-one would consistently score 80ms-100ms+ latency on download.

Just a disclaimer, my Archer C7 only gets 450 mbps down, however I have my download capped to 71 mbps in SQM QoS, and my internet is working better than when I was using 700mbps on any other router (without SQM).
There are resources here on on how to set SQM up.

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With the fast enough router (which the archer c7 is not for this WAN speed, let alone SQM at those numbers), you should easily be able to attain over 430/20 MBit/s with SQM and not sacrificing latency.

RPi4, r4s or x86_64 would be the prime candidates, but the rt3200 should(?) also still manage this connection speed with SQM.


Edit: Plugged my router and modem into it's own power strip (I used to have my monitor plugged into the same strip as my modem+router), now with them plugged into their own power strip, I can cap it at 100mb down 20mb up with better bufferbloat score.