Busybox-1.28.2 broke compile/make

the new busybox-1.28.2 broke the compile I am getting
recipe for target 'busybox_unstripped' failed ... I presume there are additional modules that been missed...

The buildbots have no such problem and no other report has been made so far. Without further details your report cannot be acted upon.

do any of these buildbots use mvebu/cortex-a9?

I made a build for wrt3200acm without problems
did you clear all the old files ?

Yes ... make clean followed by make ... I am rerunning the make after deleting the dl folder just incase ... if there are people out there that are able to build wrt3200acm without problems I will close this question.

last question - do you run your compile with ccache / strip-all? this is not a default although has been working until this new busybox version.

I have built for WRT3200ACM myself (and authored the 1.28.2 version bump). I am actually now running already 1.28.3 in my WRT3200ACM, but there is no compilation option change in that small bugfix.

 OpenWrt SNAPSHOT, r6614-1ef0be3e5b
root@router3:~# cp
BusyBox v1.28.3 () multi-call binary.

Buildbot uses ccache, as far as I know. But the more exotic stripping options are likely uncharted territory.

thank you ... waiting for the full build to complete ... if I get the same problem will revert to the defaults

just a quick update - the build/compile was failing on the busybox mount module - I took it out.
I am using strip-all, ccache &

Did you get an actual detailed error message that tells more clearly, where the error materialises?
You might have stumbled into an actual bug in upstream busybox, so it might be great to identify the exact reason and to file a bug report there.

yes ... unfortunately every time I rerun the build it does override the log ... I will bear in mind this next time

as I said on the top the thread - building busybox

recipe for target ‘busybox_unstripped’ failed

and this was to do with the mount command.