Builds for NETGEAR WNR1000V2, WNR1000V2-VC, WNR612v2, WPN824N, WNR2000v3, EX2700

I understand this, but the test results say something else:
if I configure SQM for a wired connection, then on Wi-Fi I observe the bufferbloat, because it can not give 100 mbps through the 35 mbps Wi-Fi channel. On the other hand, if I configure SQM on a Wi-Fi connection, it cuts me the entire Internet connection speed of up to 35 mbps, which is logical. Here is a calculation so far.

Hi! First off, nice work getting this all setup. Is there a way for me to setup a repeater with this piece of software?

Please use this topic only for questions directly related to this community build.
For questions of general nature (like setting up a repeater), please open a new topic.

I meant with this particular build on a WNR1000V2-VC. Currently it doesn't have relayd, which is the correct package for setting one up. I was wondering if it was possible to install it.

Hi @jlpapple!
Finally, I took the WNR612v2 router from a friend and successfully flashed it first to version 17.01.7 and then immediately to 18.06.4. Everything works fine, and the settings are saved correctly. Thanks again for your work.
How are you doing with the new 19.07 version? I really want to try it out in practice on WNR612v2 and WNR2000v2.

Hi Lucky, Glad the firmwares are working well for you. I will build a 19.07 image once the OpenWRT team makes an official release and freezes the current 19.07 tree.

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I've created an updated build for 18.06.5 and consolidated all of the previous builds for 18.06.4 and 17.01.7 - across all 5 models - into a new downloadable zip file, linked in the first post.


Is there a way I could wiggle relayd onto this? I know I've asked this before but could I maybe clear another package to add relayd?

I can create a test built with relayd, just let me know which router model and version of OpenWRT you'd prefer. It will fit on 18.06.5 if printk timestamps are disabled.

If you have an ethernet cable (LAN) at the location you want to install the repeater, then a Dumb Access Point is probably the easiest solution for you. This is what I use at home - and you don't need any extra software/packages and the configuration is easy.

However, if you can't run a cable to the location then you're likely going to need a wireless bridge (via relayd) - as you've mentioned previously.

I would if I could. As far as which version to use, any one works. I know that probably isn't very helpful for you.

EDIT: To make it clear, I would run an ethernet cable if I could. Unfortunately that's just not an option.

EDIT 2: WNR1000v2-VC please and thank you!

Here you go, test it out and let me know if the build works well with relayd - if so, I'll work to add it to other builds and models, thanks.

18.06.5 for WNR1000V2-VC with Relayd

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I'm kind of a noob at this. On this tutorial, the terminal section has this long string of network.blablabla. Do I enter those into ssh or put them into a file somewhere?

EDIT: I get it now. You do uci set network.lan.ipaddr='insertipaddresshere' as an example. Life makes sense now.

How do I install packages? I have to install this. Plus I'd like to learn for my own edification.

That package is already installed. You can access that option by clicking on the "Protocol" dropdown menu on the Interfaces/LAN page.

Plus, okpg is disabled on these builds because of a lack of space, so it is not possible for you to install any packages.

You should really highlight this in your first posting.
Users should be aware that they can not install any packages before installing this image.

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IT WORKS!!! And well, might I add. Thank you!

EDIT: And why I wasn't seeing it? I flashed the original image, not the one with relayd.

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the openwrt 18.06.5 build with relayd works great. thank you for the build.


This is awesome! Thank you for keeping these old routers alive

I need luci-proto-relay and relayd. I was happy to see you made a custom build with it but the download link expired. Any chance you can do that again?

First of all, Thank you for creating rom, I'd like to use 18 version of rom. I have a question: is there any way to use openvpn via netgear wner1000v2? This is the most important function (imo) of openwrt.