Building packages for older OpenWrt


I have a device which has Chaos Calmer and I need to port new packages which are supported in openwrt 19 and 21 to the chaos calmer.. How can I do that ?

Upgrading the firmware is your best option, otherwise it's a lot of work.
That requires to backport the packages to the old code branch.
And your device should have enough resources to install/run the new packages/apps.


okay but just for my learning purpose can you share me what would be the work flow ?

The typical workflow stages:

I referred to this to make the hello world but when it comes to building complex ones I am finding it difficult as the process of making the make file is still getting me.

I am compiling a custom c file and it requires a header file which I have but where do I place it ? I have set the STAGING_DIR and the PATH for toolchain