Building a package without downloading the code

Hi, let me explain my situation.

I am building a custom openwrt package. Normally the code is downloaded from github however I would like to make some little changes to the code and quickly recompile the package.

I have tried to modify the code in the build directory and then use make package//compile to just recompile the package without re-downloading everything but openwrt still tries to fetch the code from github. Is there a way to prevent this?


The clean (and sane) way is to create a patch of your changes. Then add that in a ./patches/ subdirectory for your package. OpenWrt's build system will then grab the code from git, apply all patches in the subdir, and then compile your package.

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I am not looking for a permanent way to patch the code, but rather i am looking for a way to modify quickly the code to test new features, fix bugs, etc. The application I am developing works only on openwrt so I cannot develop on the laptop and then when all is ready compile for openwrt.

Documented in the wiki: