Building 19.07 for DIR-601

Hi all,

I haven't build from source in over 5yrs, so things have changed a little bit (and my own memory might be failing a bit). I'm building for the DIR-601 b1

  1. Should I choose Atheros ATH79?
  2. What subtarget should I choose? I don't see my specific model
  3. I'm a little confused as to the difference between the subtarget, and the target profile...none of which match my model. What should I do in this case?

Thanks for any help,

AFAICS, DIR-601 B1 is only supported in the ar7xx/tiny target/subtarget, no ath79 support available.

Since this is a 4/32 device, please see

Thanks, I did read those warnings. I'm actually planning on upgrading both the flash and the ram so that it's no longer a 4/32 device. Is there any way to build with current sources if I do this? or has support for this been kind of disabled, since the standard configuration of my router is 4/32?


You would need to port it over from ar71xx to ath79, as the ar71xx as a whole has been removed.

so that kind of makes sense...however, since I'm building it for an unsupported device, does that mean I have to make it a supported device, somehow? like create some files that tell the build environment exactly what my hardware looks like?


May also be helpful to get started: Porting guide ar71xx to ath79?

Great, I'll do some reading here. However, my router at one time was supported. Wouldn't there exist some hardware definition files from older checkins that I can use? what I think I need to do is to get those hardware definition files, patch them into my checkout, and build my device for the ath79. Support for my device was only removed because it is a 4/32 device, right?

Thanks again, Ivan