Buildbot kmods not uploaded: * opkg_download: Failed to download

Just reporting possible bug(s)? of Development Snapshot build Thu Nov 12 08:35:03 2020 OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r14900-acb336235c
for the D-Link DIR-878 Rev.A1

Following message displayed when opkg update is run:

opkg_download: Failed to download, wget returned 8

With that said,
Had no problems installing LuCi nor Adblock.

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Read here for possible solutions.

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I have an EA7300 and I'm trying to install OpenWrt for the first time in my life. I just downloaded the snapshot, flashed the image, and ran opkg update right after sshing to the router.

All lists are updated except kmods.

I cannot install luci.
ckeck_data_file_clashes: Package libnl-tiny1 wants to install file /usr/lib/ but that file is already provided by package libnl-tiny

You should report the issue properly:

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This is likely related to the build system changes that led to "duplicate feed" errors week ago, and later fixes for that error (on 7 Nov).

I looked at the buildbot download dirs, and apparently kmod builds have not been upaloaded since Sat 7 Nov.

cc @aparcar @jow


Looking at the buildbot repository I could imagine that @jow disabled the kmod_archive for snapshots, while only the kmod feed adding step should be disabled, as it was recently added to the openwrt repository itself.

Some time ago I suggested a patch removing this kmod_feed step entirely from buildbot. Maybe it's best to modify and backport the patch to depend on CONFIG_BUILDBOT only, so it's done for all previous releases.

I'm new to OpenWrt. Is there any way I can compile (or cross-compile) the firmware to get around this issue?

Sure, if you build from source, you won't this issue to begin with (as the necessary kernel modules will be/ need to be part of your own build).

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@jow fixed it and it shold be back within the next day(s)

Thank you @aparcar. Do you know if jow's change is merged with master and included in the most recent build or still being evaluated?