Build please thanks

can some one please do a custom openwrt img for my wrt3200acm with no packages no wify no ipv6 no extra stuff i only going to use my ps4 thanks if i have to pay i pay

Is a snapshot not going to meet your needs? Just don't turn on the radios.

but can some one build without dount integrade wifi drivers and no ipv6

did you know how to build one

Yes, I build an image for that device as I have one, and it is no big deal to remove mwlwifi and sundries. Gashing ipv6 bits(all of them) gets tangled up in the weeds due to dependency issues (don't feel like fighting that fire). Just seems to me that loading snapshot, not enabling radios, and disabling ipv6 support if required, is the easy route to take. There is not much in the snapshot build, not even LuCI; and of course you can just remove things from the install after flashing if not desired.

but how i read that if you trii to doo that stays in the storage

wath i want sinse i only use my ps4... no wifi no ipvs6 no dnsmasq no firewall rulles for ipv6 no cron no log the most minimum stuff no extra

Perhaps I'm missing the rational behind your desire for what is built in an image, but:

/etc/init.d/service stop
/etc/init.d/service disable

tends to get the job done.

if i doo a remove from sofware intalled packages will create problem

You actually "should be fine" on most any build with a machine that has sufficient flash, as the WRT3200ACM-series routers typically do.

What you may have read about people deleting packages is typically only for people trying to fit things into a tiny router (8 MB or smaller). It is true that deleting a ROM package doesn't recover space from flash, but there is typically no harm in having packages installed that you aren't using, especially if you don't start them.

but it possible to build snapshot without that stuff tha i mentsion

Building without IPv6 is quite a challenge, as the Linux kernel is now IPv6 by default, and applications are starting to assume that ::1 is always available just as is always available. Possible? sort of.

wath about a build with no extra stuff tha i dount have to disable

As long as you build it yourself from source, the sky and your own abilities are the limit.

What you can't expect however is others doing a hand crafted build for you, with your very own specifics laid down - and kept updated on a whim. That's what the source (build root) is for, so you can tweak and change everything to your heart's content - to celebrate success or failure (and yes, the more you leave the tested and well paved roads into customization country, there will be failures).


i dount have mine to doo the build i dount understan nothing of it i just want to pay to some body with nolage build one for me