Build OpenWrt Image with Snapshot Source Code

How would I be able to build a OpenWRT Image using the Snapshot Source Code rather than the Stable Source Code? I see the below command is for the Stable version. Would it be different for the Snapshot?

git clone

And then would I still be able to use the 'make menuconfig' to build it? The Snapshot has the Packages I need which the Stable Release does not.

That command is for master, the "snapshot version".

For stable, you would need to clone (or checkout) the openwrt-19.07 branch instead.

Thanks, this is what I did originally. Would that checkout the Snapshot version of v19.07.3? For the packages, I need the 5.4.61-1 kernal.

git clone

git checkout v19.07.3

Master is on 5.4. 19.07 is on 4.9/4.14 depending on what hardware you're running.